Discovering that Jesus loves us

Sunday by Sunday

Our time on Sundays with the children is important and in that time we seek to build community, tell Bible stories, share our experiences and insights, pray, do craft making, ask lots of questions, have honest chats, eat popcorn, drink hot chocolate, play games, have fun, and most of all discover that Jesus loves us.

With our younger children, we’re currently using a resource called FaithBox which encourages vibrant, fun learning as we explore the Bible and pray together.  We’re also working our way through an A to Z of bible verses with the children – with actions to match – sometimes sharing them with the whole church with an encouragement to commit them to memory and apply them in our daily lives.  So far, we’ve reached the letter K.

Our older groups (P7-S4) are currently working their way through the bible looking at what the ‘Big Story’ is and seeing how each book of the bible ties to that bigger story.

Beyond Sundays

Particularly for our older kids (P7 - S4) we gather them together throughout the week when possible.

Currently running

  • Youth Alpha on a Friday early evening

  • informal football game for anyone interested on a Friday night

  • Monthly Portobello churches gathering

  • Regular Social Evenings.

If you are interested in your child joining any of these events please email